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Mojo is spelled A.L.O.H.A.

"Aloha is the intelligence with which we greet life." - Kumu Hula Olana Kaipo Ai This quote opens the bookHo'oulu: our time of becoming written by Manulani Aluli Meyer
The other day a photo came across our iphone (from Kaneohe, on O'ahu). A new project was being initiated; a sweet, and simple wooden deck was being loved and welcomed. A wahine and her dog lay curled together at one end. In one corner of the deck, a young Ulu plant anchored the canopy rising over the deck. This is not just any woman, nor any ilio. This is my son's 'ohana, my son's family. The Kaneohe backyard is the 'aina, the land, where our family is growing. I thought, "This is so very cool. I am loving this."

How beautiful an example of ho'oulu I was given. Our son and his family live an ocean away.This mo'olelo, this story and post is a gift to my son and his family ... may it be clear, this gift has grown with my capacity (over time) to understand ho'omanaw…

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